Kume Soseikai (General Incorporated Association)

A journey in search of Okinawa's roots.

Located in a difficult position between mainland Japan and the Asian Continent, the Ryukyu Kingdom absorbed various influences and built a unique culture while occasionally being buffeted by the times.

This culture has been passed down to today in the shape of Okinawa's traditions, dialect, and traditional events.

We invite you on a journey in search of Okinawa's roots to find out how the Ryukyu Kingdom incorporated various cultures and developed.


Kume, Naha which supported the Ryukyu Kingdom

Kuninda, which contributed to the trade, politics, and economy of the Ryukyu Kingdom Learn about Okinawan culture that still bears traces of the history of Kuninda.


Information on Free History Guided Tours

Free guides inform visitors about the ways in which Kuninda was involved with the Ryukyu Kingdom.


Information on Learning about the Analects and Classical Chinese Poetry

Open learning courses on the Analects and classical Chinese poetry are conducted at the Meirindo.





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